"Rose, we’ll come back for him. If other Strigoi are coming, we have to get out."

"No," I repeated, not even looking at her. "I’m not leaving him. I won’t leave him alone." With my free hand, I stroked Mason’s hair.

"Rose- "I jerked my head up.

"Get out!" I screamed at her. "Get out, and leave us alone."

i. nuit en argent - paola bennet. ii. the spine song - cake bake betty. iii. i’ve got friends - manchester orchestra. iv. werewolf - cocorosie. v. family glue - wye oak. via dustland fairytale - the killers. vii. amsterdam - daughter. viii. the lion’s roar - first aid kit. ix. be brave - my brightest diamond. x. part ii - paramore. xi. wolf - now, now. xii. magic arrow - timber timbre. xiii. guts - alex winston. 

                               in this world, Shakespeare takes Juliet first. [ listen. ]