• Books 1-3: Fuck yeah, I'm Harry Potter.
  • Books 4-7: Fuck, I'm Harry Potter.

but if at the end you find the person you’ve become is not the person you want to be…you can always turn around and try again.And maybe the next time you won’t be so alone when it’s over.


I’m not sure which is my favorite

"Wonderful scene in the movie. Chris and Scarlet—you really see their chemistry here, and this scene was greatly benefitted by their working history together, the fact that they know one another so well. I remember reading this scene—before we shot it—in their trailer with them over and over, making adjustments with them. I think they tweaked it a bit, the ‘practice’ part."

Captain America: The Winter Soldier audio commentary by directors Joe and Anthony Russo and writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely

remember when peter weller put on my hat and goggles & took a bunch of selfies me too

I YAHOO!-ed Myself with Natalie Dormer (x)